Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Wildlife Spotting

A perk of horseback riding is that it regularly gets me out of town and closer to nature. On the drive to and from the barn last night, I saw the following:

1 Pheasant
4 Mule Deer
5 Rabbits
9 Pronghorn Antelope
and too many Canada Geese to count

(I saw them all from the car and couldn't take photos last night so these photos were taken at work last year)

In horse news, I ended up needing to do some work on my trailer last night so I gave Kachina scratches and cookies but didn't have the time to actually ride.

What kind of wildlife do you see near your barn?


  1. We have a small zoo at the farm but not much actual wildlife. Pig, ducks, a goose, chickens, dogs, cats with the girls begging for a goat and donkey... Mostly I see deer and squirrels on rides.

    1. Nice, at our barn we have horses, cows, chickens, cats, dogs, and one donkey and one goat. There used to be a herd of sheep too.

  2. Aww that bunny is adorable!