Tuesday, 29 March 2016

2016 Q2 Goals

Sorry for the delay since the last post. My aim is to generally post about three times a week, but for the last week I've been stressed out about work and haven't had time to do much horsey stuff.
Happy Easter! This was the pysanka I made this year

I posted my 2016 goals here, but I've decided to start making Quarterly goals as well. I've seen a few other bloggers take that approach and it seems to work well. A year is a long time to look ahead and know what challenges you'll be working through, and on the other hand, monthly goals are tough if you're not riding 5 days a week.

So, my Q2 (April-June) Goals Are:

1. Kachina dentist appt. 
- this goal should be easy to achieve, the equine dentist is scheduled for April 1st.

2. Kachina vet check and vaccinations 
- no serious concerns, but she's due for her annual check-up this spring

3. Kachina chiropractor appt. 
- I've mentioned before my concerns that something is off with Kachina's poll, I've found a local chiropracter but she didn't work in unheated barns in the winter so now that spring is coming I need to book

4. Scribe at CDI 
- I'm already on the list to scribe at the June CDI/Gold show in Calgary. I'm extra excited about it because it was just announced that it will be a qualifier for the Rio 2016 Olympics!

5. Hit 63% on a test at a show 
- I have 3 shows scheduled for this quarter. I got 61% at my last show, so I want to improve that by at least a couple percent. I'll be happy with a 63% at any level (walk/trot or training)
My goals are score based, not placings based,
but I wouldn't object to more satin...

6. Show all training level tests 
- I have 3 shows scheduled for this quarter. So far I've only shown at Walk/Trot and Training 1. I want to show Training 2 and 3 to get feedback on them before the recognized shows later in the season.

7. Trail ride somewhere new 
- I love the fields and road by the barn, but I want to explore some new terrain. I might haul to my friend's barn to trail ride with her there. Another option I've been looking into is public land in the area with some coulee hills to climb - I've found a couple places that look like they allow access for horses. 

8. Go fast on open ground 
- my usual trail partner is most comfortable at the walk, and I'm fine with that, but I want to speed across the open fields at least once before the crops are planted. 

9. Be confident in canter transitions 
- this ties in pretty closely with goals 5. and 6., training level requires canter transitions that don't look like a giraffe.

10. Get consistently straight halts 
- I feel like this is relatively easy to work on and so I should stop throwing away points here. Square halts would be even better, but I'll settle for straight.

11. Get a lesson 
- I bought a headset that I think will work for Skype lessons, so I'll either try that or haul somewhere for a lesson at least once this quarter.

Scary eyeless horse coming to attack out of the darkness! 


  1. Those are good goals! I would love to go for a gallop.

    1. Thanks. Though my definition of "going fast" may just involve a good strong trot or canter, I'm not sure I would trust Kacina's balance in a full out gallop quite yet ;-)

  2. Great goals! I hope you'll write about your experience scribing at the CDI!

    1. I definitely will! I'll probably do a post on scribing in general before that too. I love scribing and it is SO educational