Friday 19 August 2016

Saddle Trial #3 - Stubben Aramis

This past weekend I was in Calgary for the dragonboat festival (my other sport), and made a trip back to The Tack Collector. I returned the Stubben Maestoso and the Schleese Link that didn't work out, and I sat in a few more saddles.

Armed with the knowledge that I really do need an 18"+ seat, and Kachina needs a medium or medium-wide curvy tree, there were only three options left (three is really good actually, just seems like a small number when you stare at their ginormous wall of saddles!). Also, I had already trialed the two cheap options so everything left was considerably more expensive. The three options were a Childeric DSG Monoflap, an Amerigo Pinerolo Classic, and a Stubben Aramis.



Stubben Aramis

I had sat in all three of these on my first visit to the Tack Collector, but I had to sit in them again on the block to refresh my memory. I had learned an important lesson with the Stubben Maestoso about stirrup position, so I tried them all with stirrups this time. As I had kind of been expecting, the Stubben Aramis was the clear winner. Sitting in it just felt like home. The staff also commented that it seemed to put me in a good position. So, I tortured my poor credit card a little more and took the Stubben Aramis on trial.

I was cautiously reserved on the drive home. This saddle did seem like a good possibility, but I liked the Maestoso in the store too and it was totally wrong when I actually rode in it. Also, the Stubben Aramis comes with a hefty price tag. It is a newer model, with the fancy biomex seat, and it is in excellent condition (apparently the owners ordered it custom, but it didn't end up working, so it's had less than 20 rides on it), so considering that, the price is reasonable. However, I can't help think that for just a bit more I could get something new (though to get this particular saddle new would be about double the price).

First try

I've had a couple rides in the saddle at this point. Let me just say this for now, the other saddles I tried were clear "no"s pretty much right away, while this one requires consideration. I will give a full recap once the final determination has been made, one way or another. (Trial ends Sunday so you won't be in suspense for too long). In the mean-time, if you have any comments about how it looks from the photos, or your own experiences with the Stubben Aramis model, please share!

After ride #1 - is this saddle my unicorn? Either way, my horse looks damn good!


  1. Fingers crossed it works! I seriously want to run down to the Tack Collector and grab that Amerigo. I lovelovelove my Amerigo jump saddle.

    1. Do it! (I will be a saddle shopping enabler now haha)

      If you're interested, the Amerigo is an 18.5" seat, comes with a cover, and they're asking $3000 (but you could offer lower). It was a nice saddle, I couldn't see anything wrong with it, the flap and seat just weren't quite the right shape for me.

  2. I can't speak for their dressage saddles, but I have a Stubben jump saddle (super old and doesn't fit Stinker) that I love. My only advice is to keep riding in it. Riding in the county dressage saddle helped me to decide that I didn't really love it.

    1. I plan to ride in it as much as I can as well as obsess over photos and videos ;-). I have an old Stubben all-purpose that served me well for many years before I chose dressage, so I'm good with the brand in general.

  3. I spent yesterday afternoon with a stubben saddle fitter (super knowledgeable and professional!) and after trying lots of saddles I too chose the Aramis. It not only fits my horse but it allows me to put my leg where it is the most comfortable as I am a huntseat rider that does some lower level dressage. Took out the knee blocks and fell in love. Now to hunt for a used one....tell me if you return yours! Good luck!