Monday 8 August 2016


Short post today, just want to say a couple things:

One, yay for there being much better options for watching Olympic equestrian events this year! I spent the weekend with Rugby 7s on the television (I used to play rugby for years and know a couple of the players on Team Canada) and Eventing Dressage on my tablet. For those in Canada, CBC's Rio 2016 app is actually pretty impressive. Can choose from over 20 sports to stream live and it has shown all the equestrian stuff so far. Can also pause and rewind which is awesome.

Two, eventers are a bit crazy. I mean they are seriously impressive, but also a bit crazy. Watched the early part of cross country this morning and holy crap. The gallops look fun, but I will stick with my dressage and stay far away from jumping giant solid things! Saw a couple terrifying falls of horse and rider, but really glad to see everyone get up and walk away so far. Hoping everyone else today makes it through that tough course unscathed.


  1. I have been soooo obsessed with the Olympics. The XC was a super tough course, but Michael Jung made it look like a walk in the park. That man can ride. For me personally, I will stick to the baby stuff. :)

    1. I love watching Olympics! It was cool seeing the whole range of cross country performances from double clears to eliminations. I'm so excited for the Dressage competition!