Friday 8 February 2019

Recent Jumping

I have been continuing with my weekly jump lessons. We have been keeping things easy and low key so I don't have any large increases in height or technicality to share with you. That's fine by me. I feel jumping has been positive for me and Kachina but it still scares me a little and I'm glad we are taking things slow. That said, since jumping my first jump with Kachina in October, we have progressed a little bit. Things we have done:

- lots of trot poles
- canter poles
- single fences
- fences up to 18"
- mini oxers
- bounce
- 1 stride combination
- 2 stride combination
- 4 stride combination
- mini gate
- mini course of up to 4 fences


  1. Kachina seriously looks SO FUN to jump! you can tell she's really enjoying the cross training ;)

    1. Honest question: what makes you think she's enjoying it? I have a lot of people tell me that Kachina is having fun jumping but I truly can't tell the difference between her just having an honest work ethic or enjoying it.

  2. YAY! I agree with Emma - she looks like she is fun to jump. Looks like she enjoys it as well

    1. I feel not having much of a frame of reference for jumping horses means I don't have full appreciation for how good Kachina is at jumping