Tuesday 24 July 2018

Dressage, Dressage, Dressage!

This past weekend was jammed full of lots of dressage activities!

It started off on Friday with dressage day at the local All Breed Horse Show. I competed in two training level tests and one first level test. Overall I was really pleased with my rides and our improvement from last year though my scores were lower than I had hoped.

On Saturday I joined a few friends on a trip to Calgary for Charlotte Dujardin's Masterclass Clinic! It was an inspiring day and also seemed to be a gathering of almost everyone in the Alberta dressage world. 

Sunday I had a much-needed lesson with Elaine, followed by a conference call meeting of the Alberta Dressage Association executive. 

I will write fuller recaps of the show, clinic, and lesson but overall it was a cool combination of all facets of my involvement with dressage in one weekend. I truly love this sport and the last few days have left me more inspired and determined than ever to work hard and progress as best I can. 


  1. It sounds like a jam packed weekend. Who wouldn't love a weekend all about dressage????

  2. Oh yes do a full write up of Charlotte!

  3. That sounds like a fantastic weekend. I can't wait to read the in depth recaps!