Thursday 5 July 2018

Check In on Yearly Goals

I've already done my Quarterly goal post, but I also want to take a minute halfway through the year to check in on my general 2018 goals:

Green - Completed or going well
Blue - In Progress/Ongoing, have made some progress but need to keep working
Red - Forgot about or haven't succeeded yet, needs more focus

2018 Goals


  1. Increase Kachina's trust in other people so she can be caught and handled by someone else - In Progress
  2. Keep Kachina happy and healthy - Ongoing
  3. Develop plan for Kachina for if/when I might be grounded (lease? liberty work? need to think about this) - In Progress

Horse Community

  1. Organize a second local dressage show - Complete 20/5/2018
  2. Be an active participant of my area dressage association - Ongoing
  3. Be an active participant of the community equestrian facility board - Ongoing
  4. Attend a dressage judging clinic - Registered for August!
  5. Audit a clinic - Audited a jumping clinic at my barn. Registered for Charlotte Dujardin for July.

Dressage Riding

  1. Have Kachina and I improve in dressage through methods that build our cooperation and trust - In Progress but going well
  2. Improve my position and hands - Ongoing but clear improvement already
  3. Test ride regularly to determine weaknesses - Needs refocus
  4. Video my rides at least once a month and critique them myself - Needs refocus
  5. Compete in at least one show - Complete 17/6/2018
  6. Ride a First Level test that feels good (this can be at home) - In Progress but going well
(These are essentially my goals to make sure that I'm on the right track with a trainer, if the training isn't helping me then I need to make a change)


  1. Have fun - Ongoing
  2. Experiment again with clicker training - Needs refocus
  3. Go on trail rides with friends - Not yet, have some plans though
  4. Canter or gallop out in the fields - Needs refocus
  5. Figure out how to mount from the ground (I know using a mounting block is better for the horse's back, but I need a solution for trail riding in bald prairie #shortpersonproblems) - Needs refocus
  6. Settle on a boarding situation - Complete 3/30/2018

Stretch Goals

  1. Show at First Level - Complete 16/6/2018
  2. Earn above 65% at a show - In Progress
  3. Place in a competitive class - In Progress

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