Thursday, 30 June 2016

2016 Q2 Review and Q3 Goals

End of June, so time for goal review!

Q2 Goal Review

1. Kachina dentist appt. 
- this goal should be easy to achieve, the equine dentist is scheduled for April 1st.
Complete - Kachina had her teeth looked at twice, by both the "dentist" and the vet. Not the way I will do it in the future but still counts.

2. Kachina vet check and vaccinations 
- no serious concerns, but she's due for her annual check-up this spring

3. Kachina chiropractor appt. 
- I've mentioned before my concerns that something is off with Kachina's poll, I've found a local chiropracter but she didn't work in unheated barns in the winter so now that spring is coming I need to book
Complete - had two sessions and now I know that Kachina's mouth/poll thing is behavioural rather than physical

4. Scribe at CDI 
- I'm already on the list to scribe at the June CDI/Gold show in Calgary. I'm extra excited about it because it was just announced that it will be a qualifier for the Rio 2016 Olympics!

5. Hit 63% on a test at a show 
- I have 3 shows scheduled for this quarter. I got 61% at my last show, so I want to improve that by at least a couple percent. I'll be happy with a 63% at any level (walk/trot or training)
Complete - 65.5% at WT in the April show, so more than met this one

6. Show all training level tests 
- I have 3 shows scheduled for this quarter. So far I've only shown at Walk/Trot and Training 1. I want to show Training 2 and 3 to get feedback on them before the recognized shows later in the season.
Complete - so technically I showed T2 and T3 for the first time at a recognized show, but I still did it this quarter

7. Trail ride somewhere new 
- I love the fields and road by the barn, but I want to explore some new terrain. I might haul to my friend's barn to trail ride with her there. Another option I've been looking into is public land in the area with some coulee hills to climb - I've found a couple places that look like they allow access for horses. 
Not complete - didn't get to do this yet this year, but will in Q3

8. Go fast on open ground 
- my usual trail partner is most comfortable at the walk, and I'm fine with that, but I want to speed across the open fields at least once before the crops are planted. 
Complete - I did some trotting on my last trail ride so that counts. No galloping, but one of the fields near the barn is being kept fallow this summer so there's still time!

9. Be confident in canter transitions 
- this ties in pretty closely with goals 5. and 6., training level requires canter transitions that don't look like a giraffe.
Not complete - see here, I'm not confident yet, but I have a game-plan now so hope to get there

10. Get consistently straight halts 
- I feel like this is relatively easy to work on and so I should stop throwing away points here. Square halts would be even better, but I'll settle for straight.
Complete - we actually got some 7s for our halts in the last show

11. Get a lesson 
- I bought a headset that I think will work for Skype lessons, so I'll either try that or haul somewhere for a lesson at least once this quarter.
Complete - the headset didn't pan out, but I got lessons with T and Elaine

Q3 Goals

1. Get a lesson every month
- now that I know T is a good option, I want someone to yell at me about my position on a semi-regular basis

2. Ride in a dressage clinic
- lessons with T are good, but I want some dressage specific help too. Elaine is supposed to come back in September. Otherwise I will haul to Calgary or somewhere. 

3. Achieve quiet, round canter transitions
- I know what the problem is now, so I just have to put in the time and the practice to work on these.

4. Develop a good stretchy trot
- This is both for the stretchy trot circle movement, but also to generally work on getting Kachina to reach out to the bit and not be so tight. Will also force me to be better with my hands.

5. Get 65% on a test at a show
- This is a bit ambitious, but really, if we meet have a nice trot and a nice canter (goals 3 & 4), this should be achievable. 

6. Teach Kachina to be good for bit check
- This hole in our training was discovered at our first recognized show. I need to work with Kachina so that a strange person with rubber gloves going for her mouth isn't a scary thing

7. Go on a group trail ride involving trotting/cantering and varied terrain
- I'm signed up for a trail ride through Writing on Stone provincial park in July, so this should happen then. If the ride gets cancelled or something, I want to arrange an alternative. I have a wonderful trail horse and I want to take advantage of her. 

8. Improve my position and hands 
- Even though this is the last goal on the list, it's the most important. I really need to work on this every ride and get regular feedback so I keep up to date with what I'm doing wrong. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :) Looks like you had a great quarter for meeting goals too!

  2. I love trail rides. Especially when you get to go somewhere new and have good people to go with. You guys are making excellent progress.

    1. Thanks :) Agreed about trail rides. It's such a different experience from the detailed independent work in the ring but I love both parts of riding.

  3. Lots of things ticked off your list! Well done :)

    1. Thanks :) Horses make planning tough so it's nice to be able to reach goals on time every now and then lol