Monday 16 May 2016

Switching Sides

It's commonly discussed that horses have a good and bad side, or stiff and hollow side. But what happens when those sides seem to switch?

Generally, going to the left is Kachina's hard way. The left is the the direction where I fight to get her to turn and where she has a tendency to be counter-bent to the outside. However, on my last ride, it was the opposite. Kachina did really well to the left and we struggled a lot more getting the bend to the right. 

I did wonder if our recent chiropractor appointment had caused this change, but she has had other rides in the past where randomly she would go better to the left (like at the first show this year). I like to think that the switching means that Kachina and I are fairly balanced so each side has good days and bad days, but I have no idea if that is actually true. It could also be that our problems to the right and the left are caused by completely different issues and she does have a consistently stiff side.

Have you ever experienced having the left the bad side some days and then having the right be the bad side on other days? Any thoughts on the reason?

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  1. Stinker has two main issues, he pops his left shoulder and trails his haunches to the right. Typically we struggle going to the left, but as I have gotten him straighter he will go through phases of swapping sides. D says it is a sign of getting him more balanced.