Monday 9 May 2016

Reserve Champion!

This weekend was the third and final show in the Carrots & Cocktails Dressage series.

I showed in the first two shows (I and II), but I elected not to enter the third show because it's only been three weeks since the last show and a trip to Toronto plus a couple of really busy weeks at work mean that I haven't been able to ride much in between. Also, these shows are super well organized and are at an awesome facility, but they are the most expensive shows of my show season. I didn't feel like it made sense to spend $400 on entry fees and gas to be given all of the same test comments as last time.

I still went to the show though, just not with Kachina. My friend was still showing so I went to help her drive (she can't haul herself yet) and be groom/test reader/moral support/etc.

Anyways, at this final show they announced the Champions for each level from the average of all three shows, and I was there to pick up my Reserve Champion ribbon! Even though I didn't show this time, my scores from the previous shows were high enough to get me second place overall. Yes, it was for the Walk/Trot division, but this is Kachina and I's first year of actually showing together so I'll take it! I neglected to take a close-up photo of the ribbon yet (blogger fail) but it's super pretty and my first tri-colour.

Official Champion photo: credit Carrots & Cocktails, RMSJ
That's me, standing behind the super cute Champion Fjord


  1. Thank you! Going into this show series I was only thinking about show exposure, not winning or championships, so it was a very pleasant surprise :)