Monday, 1 February 2016

Blogging Newbie

So in case it's not painfully obvious, I'm new to the blogging world. I'm trying to do it well (or at least not terribly), but I'm at the learning stage of Unconscious Incompetence, so I don't even know all the things that I don't know.

I just edited a previous post as I realized that I had used a couple stock photos without proper attribution. That's one mistake I will try not to make again, but there's probably other mistakes I will make.

If you have any advice for me at any point, please let me know! This includes everything from pointing out that I did something badly (against blogger etiquette, or against intellectual property laws), to suggesting topics for posts. Feedback appreciated!

I have a whole bunch of forthcoming posts about my Dressage Weekend Extravaganza, just as soon as I get them written up :-)

Fully legal photo I took myself of a sunset over the barn

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