Thursday 18 February 2016

Blog Hop: The Little Things


What are the “little things” about your horse that you’re so fond of?

Here are the things I appreciate about Kachina:

1. I can load her in the trailer by myself

This is huge. Most of the times that I need to haul, I'm by myself at the barn. The knowledge that I can get her on the trailer by myself in less than 10 minutes (that was the longest ever, usually it's less than 1 minute) anytime is awesome. Even when it's pitch black outside. It also means I don't need to leave an hour early all the time "in case I have trouble loading".

2. Polite with treats

We've been using treats for clicker training and to build positive associations with things she doesn't like (like standing tied in the scary barn). Despite me frequently having treats in my pocket, she never mugs me and always takes it politely from my hand when offered. I appreciate this.

3. Babysitter on the trail

I think I love this so much about Kachina because with my old horse I was the one who needed a trail babysitter. I can go out in the fields with Kachina and any other horse and know we'll be okay. The other horse needs to lead, or follow? No problem, Kachina is fine anywhere in the pack. We need to stop or circle while the other horse freaks out? Okay, we can do that. We need to alter our natural speed to match the other horse's slow amble or charging walk? We can do that too. The other rider needs to put their horse's head up Kachina's butt to stop them from running off? She doesn't even get phased by that! 
Because Kachina is such a good babysitter, we have more friends we can trail ride with, and that makes us both happy.

4. We can walk

We have days where we can't trot or canter without getting fast or freaked out. But no matter what kind of day we are having, I can always take things down to the walk and have a good place that we can gather ourselves at or end on a good note with.

Thanks Kachina!


  1. It's SO nice to have a horse that doesn't mug for treats- Moe is HIDEOUS about this and it drives me nuts. (But is also endearing, mostly because he's old and adorable.)

    1. It's a fine line, it's cute when you know they want the treat and aren't indifferent to it, but it stops being cute when they get seriously rude.
      Kachina will sometimes do an adorable whicker when I tell her "good girl" and she knows she's about to get a treat =)

    2. Yes! Polite is always appreciated :D (and totes adorbs!)

  2. What a sweetheart. Nice to have such a steady horse. Enjoyed finding your blog on the blog hop.

  3. What a sweetheart. Nice to have such a steady horse. Enjoyed finding your blog on the blog hop.

    1. Thank you! I'm new to blogging and I get so excited when I see that I have page views or comments. I hope you keep reading :)
      Blog hops are great for finding new blogs.