Wednesday 5 December 2018

Challenge Accepted

I read a couple blog posts today where bloggers issued some great challenges:

Karen at Contact said:
"So I challenge my blogger friends - challenge yourself! Try something you think is above your level.
Post your results!"

Austin at Guinness on Tap said:
"I want to challenge all of you to get out there this weekend and find your own horse-related joy. That might be galloping on your very own good horse, spending some quality time, or perfecting that lateral movement. In any case, share with me what your favorite things to do with your horse are, and whether you've ever been able to share that with another."

Challenge accepted! I can guarantee that I will not be attempting one-tempis or galloping in the field (the former because we don't even have single flying lead changes yet and the latter because that simply isn't safe when a layer of snow and ice covers the ground and hides the gopher holes) but I will be doing something!

I actually need to think a little on the horse-related joy one, horses and riding bring me so many good emotions in so many ways: peace, contentment, achievement, pride, excitement, focus, love, happiness... I'm not sure what part of horses gives me the most unadulterated joy though. Trail riding in the sun ranks pretty high on my joy scale but I'm not sure if I have a winter equivalent. That's a really good thing for me to ponder and attempt!

One version of horsey joy, no agenda, just having fun in the sun

In regards to trying something above my level, I am signed up for a group session in a jumping clinic this weekend! The clinic schedule and groupings were just posted today and while the riders in my group are friends of mine, they were not the people I was expecting to be paired with as it is not a beginners group. I'm a little intimidated because they all focus on jumping while I am the dressage rider who is dabbling with fences. My weekly jump instructor is the one who made the group assignments though so I am going to trust her judgement and go for it. It'll be a friendly environment but will be a good way to test my comfort level a bit and see what we can do!

Never thought jumping would be a thing we'd do but here we are
This gif is from two weeks ago

Stay tuned for how both of these challenges go!


  1. Those are great challenges. I’d have to think about the joy thing too this time of year. Good luck and have fun at the clinic!

  2. Can't wait to hear about the clinic! It sounds like it will be a good time!

  3. Love those challenges! Enjoy the clinic, it sounds like it's going to be super!