Monday 9 April 2018

In the Meantime

I have some important posts to share, but they require media, media which is on my SD card that is being very temperamental right now. Hopefully I will be able to recover it, but in the meantime, here's a quick update and some photos that were stored elsewhere.

Last photo of the 3 amigos together at the old barn
(they weren't very cooperative at posing and it was too cold to wait around)

We moved barns on Friday March 30th, just as a snowstorm was starting. It was a miserable day to haul but we succeeded in doing so uneventfully. I had carefully planned the move for the 30th so I would have the whole Easter long weekend to spend at the barn, unfortunately those plans were derailed by a last minute visit by my soon to be in-laws. I still snuck away a couple times a day to check on how Kachina was settling in, but the visits were shorter than I would have liked. I also got a new role at work effective March 27th (in addition to my old role, not instead of) so that is also making life extra crazy (I've known this was coming for quite a while but the exact date was pretty fluid until suddenly it wasn't).

Hauling through town to get to new barn
(luckily we hauled early enough in day that the snow was just beginning to settle on roads)

Kachina is currently in a pen by herself but she will be moved to a larger shared pen in a couple weeks with one sweet older mare who should be a good match for my submissive girl. I actually like that she's in a private pen to start as it's been easier to monitor her food intake etc. Even from day 1 she was eating well and found her new waterer immediately so that has helped a lot with my peace of mind. In her temporary pen she has a neighbor on either side, one of whom is quite grumpy. Kachina spent the first few days in the center of her pen, avoiding the shared fencelines, but she has since relaxed a bit and isn't as bothered by her neighbor's pinned ears and lunges. We've also had a few good rides. That's one nice thing about this new barn, we've done enough clinics here that the indoor arena is already old hat and we were able to pick up under-saddle work right where we left off.

Her temporary private pen with barn/arena in background
(I am taking picture from inside her shelter at back of pen)

It's early days and we're still both adjusting to the routines of the new barn, but I think it was a positive move to make overall. More on that in posts to come.

Mid-morning snoozing while I stood guard for her


  1. glad it was a pretty seamless move, hopefully everything starts settling for you soon!