Thursday 12 April 2018

A Positive Sign

Despite the good looking video of Kachina chilling in the barn aisle in my last post, I had a few days where Kachina was pawing more again and I was wondering whether I had made a mistake in moving barns. There weren't any serious problems, just some annoying things related to the change like my halter going missing, figuring out the schedule of the new barn, and feeling awkward about not knowing everyone at the barn.

However on Thursday I had my farrier come out to trim Kachina and it went really well!

Good things:
1. It was snowing and miserable outside that day and it was awesome to have a heated barn with good lighting to be able to do the trim in

2. Kachina was the best she has ever been for the farrier! That's not to say she was perfect, because she wasn't. She still tried to jerk her leg away a few times but less often than normal and there were relatively long stretches in between misbehaviour where she would relax.

3. It wasn't just my (possibly biased) opinion. We've been using the same trimmer for the last few years and have been working closely with her on treating Kachina's mistrust in having her feet handled. Farrier agreed with me that this was Kachina's best behaviour for a trim ever so far!

4. The last year was a bad year for feet and Kachina's frogs and soles are currently shedding like crazy, but the new stuff underneath looks clean and healthy so hopefully we can keep the thrush at bay this spring. New barn removes the manure from their pens more often than old barn so that should also help.

Standing like a proper adult for her manicure

It's official, barn move was a good decision! I can't believe how much weight that lifts off my shoulders.