Thursday 25 January 2018


So, everyone knows that the best way to prepare for a month of twice-weekly training (the most instruction I've ever had in my life) is to go into it completely unprepared with an unfit horse and unfit rider, right? right?

Starting this Saturday I will be having two lessons a week with Elaine for a total of 4 weeks while she is in the area. Unfortunately, I am still in rough shape after a month of being sick and having a super demanding work schedule - I thought I was getting better but pilates class last night just about killed me and I generally think of pilates as my "easy sport" (I'm in a class with my middle aged parents, so if I can't keep up there's an issue). Kachina has been mostly sitting around losing fitness as well. A combination of the weather, my schedule (including being out of town for the last 5 days), and my sickness means that I have not even ridden yet in 2018!! We have done some good ground work and lunging (Kachina is finally comfortable again with me handling her feet so that's a win) but we are whole-fully unprepared for the work that will be heaped upon us shortly. At least we haven't been practicing our bad habits either?

While physically this is not the start I had hoped for, I am really looking forward to this month of training. I feel like my mind at least is in a good place to give this training a really solid try. I'm not going in with a list of specific problems or show deadlines that will direct the lessons. I instead want to learn as much as I can, soak up knowledge, work on my homework each week and figure out how to generally become a better rider and better trainer for Kachina. I really hope this month helps me to figure out some goals and a broad training plan for the rest of the year because I would appreciate the direction. Bring it on!


  1. So exciting! I think you're going to love it - I always make so much more progress too when I'm just learning and not worrying about show goals or deadlines.

  2. This is very exciting. There are lots of ways to make progress that don't make you kill you or K!

  3. ooooh that sounds like a great way to get the year started! i also love it when i can go to my trainers without any specific agenda and just be like, "have your way with us!!" -- it's always cool to see what direction that takes us in! hope you guys have a blast!

  4. Sometimes having a willing and ready mind is the most important part - even if you health and body don't want to cooperate.