Wednesday 10 January 2018

2017 Q4 Review and 2018 Q1 Goals

2017 Q4 Goal Review

1. Fight winter blues and re-establish a barn routine
Success - not going to lie, it took a while, but it happened. Unfortunately I have been sick for the last 2 weeks which has put me back again.

2. Start pre-planning for 2018 local dressage show
Success - Venue and Judge and Date are set. The show is well positioned relative to other events in the area,  and I have been working to get the word out. 

3. Actively determine what I can do to improve the local equestrian scene
Semi-Success - I've been thinking about this, but rather than some master plan I've realized that this is more of an ongoing thing to see where I can contribute as things come up. 

4. Regularly video my rides
Fail - I didn't ride a whole lot this quarter but there's no reason why I couldn't have videoed my rides when they did happen

5. Address ground work from a root cause perspective
Success - I've been working to figure out the reasons behind Kachina's behaviour and address it accordingly. E.g. I realised that pain and fear was the reason behind Kachina's regression with having her feet handled so I've been working with her on it in a very low pressure way. 

6. Participate in 2Pointober

7. Participate in No-stirrup November

8. Control the canter
Success - I'm finally at the point where I feel comfortable cantering every ride and I feel like I'm riding the canter instead of just being a passenger

9. Regularly work on free walk and stretchy trot
Fail - in clinics I realised that Kachina needs a better understanding of contact before I can get her to seek the contact in a stretch

10. Develop new training progression plan
Semi-success - as I wrote about in a Note on Goals, I figured out that I want to develop this with a trainer instead of my own.

2018 Q1 Goals

1. Try training with Elaine
Elaine is coming back for a clinic at the end of January and is actually staying in the area for a whole month to train with people. I have signed up for twice weekly sessions. This is a super unique opportunity for where I live and I want to take full advantage of it. 

2. Research other boarding options
I'm not totally happy with where Kachina is boarded right now, I don't honestly know if there is a better option but the first step is to actually look and find out

3. Continue with Project Magpie
So I've discovered that my non-horsey SO (who Kachina doesn't know that well) can walk straight up to Kachina and throw a rope around her neck with no drama. I'm not sure why my BO can't do the same so I need to try and figure that out with more investigation. 

4. Issue Prizelist for Show
This also involves figuring out all the details that go into it, but at least I can copy a lot of the stuff from last year.

That's all, keeping the goals simple this quarter


  1. You got some serious wins, including beating the winter blues! That stuff is tough!

  2. Very exciting about the lessons, and the show coming together too!

  3. Nicely done! Can I get details on the show?