Friday 29 September 2017

2017 Q3 Review and Q4 Goals

2017 Q3 Goal Review

Fall is here again (last year's photo)

1. Ride in at least three clinics/lessons
I rode in 4 clinics, one with Robin Hahn, and 3 with Elaine (well almost, the third one is tomorrow). The success of these clinics was variable, so this won't be a repeat goal, but I rode in them.

2. Earn an ADA Horse & Rider Recognition Award
This award requires scores of 63% or more at training level at three different Wildrose or Bronze shows. As I mentioned when I set this goal, it essentially encompasses multiple sub-goals: compete in at least three shows, do good training level tests in front of a judge, score above 63%. I went to three eligible shows (Chinook show, local show, Lethbridge show), and put down decent tests, but we only scored above 63% at one of those shows. I knew I had blown this goal after the July show so I didn't put as much prep into the September show as I otherwise would have. 
No ADA Award, but I didn't leave the show totally empty handed

3. Confirm canter transitions
I have made a concerted effort to correct my position and aid during canter transitions and that has been fairly successful. During Q3 a new tranter problem cropped up, which I have mostly corrected. All in all I have done some good work on canter transitions but they still need to be rounder and more relaxed. 

4. Do regular test riding
A couple shows in the quarter made me do some test riding, but I should have done even more.  

5. Start working on First Level movements
We have been working on "increased thrust", "more consistent contact with the bit", more accurate canter transitions, and some lateral work, so all of that has an eye towards First Level, we haven't been doing much for actual lengthens or leg yields though. 

6. Ride in the Cypress Hills
Not the most challenging goal, but we did it and we did it well :-)
Felt a bit like how crossing the finish at an
endurance ride must feel

We didn't have quite the show season I was hoping for. Part of me keeps expecting us to get past training level and is disappointed when we don't. However, when I look at these goals, and where I was at this time last year, I see that we are still working away and while it might be slow, we are solidifying our foundation of knowledge and skills (both mine and Kachina's) which is good and important work.

2017 Q4 Goals

1. Fight winter blues and re-establish a barn routine
Every fall I struggle with the cold and dark for a while until I adjust (especially the dark). It helps if I dive right into a new routine or focus so that's what I'm going to try. 

2. Start pre-planning for 2018 local dressage show
I've actually already set the date, booked the judge and reserved the venue, but there's a few more things I can do this year to set the stage for a more successful year two. 

3. Actively determine what I can do to improve the local equestrian scene
I have the privilege of being on the board of directors for both the nearest dressage association and for a community equestrian facility. Both of these positions mean I represent a wider group (basically I represent my area in dressage, and I represent English riders in my area) and I want to use that to influence positive growth and change rather than just going along for the ride. To start that means putting thought into what possibilities I see and what my ultimate vision is.  

4. Regularly video my rides
I have a tripod and bluetooth remote setup now. I don't always like seeing video of me but I do learn from it, so I should use it as a tool. This actually ties in well with Goal #1 as it is easier to set up to video in the indoor arena

5. Address ground work from a root cause perspective
To explain this further would take multiple posts so I will do a series on this as I work on it

6. Participate in 2Pointober
I don't want to over-do 2 point because it doesn't help me with sitting back, but a bit is good for my leg position. (and it's a fun contest)

7. Participate in No-stirrup November
I think some no-stirrup work is really what my position needs. I won't be dropping my stirrups for the entire month, but I want to do at least a few rides without them. Does anyone have a formal blog challenge for this?

8. Control the canter
Canter is my ongoing challenge, I have made some good steps so I want to keep the momentum going and keep canter as a focus in Q4. I still sometimes find myself just sitting on Kachina at the canter and hoping that things go okay. Wishing isn't good enough, I need to actually use my aids to influence Kachina and get the bend, track, tempo and shape that I need within the canter. 

9. Regularly work on free walk and stretchy trot
These have been weak scores this summer so I need to do some targeted work here.

10. Develop new training progression plan
Last winter I had a series of steps I was working towards and that helped me stay focused. In the last few months my riding has become more disjointed and it shows. I need to reanalyze where we are at and figure out a plan to move forward. This also involves some thought about what trainers are going to help us. 


  1. You did really well this year. I can't wait to see what you do next!

    1. Thanks! It has felt like a slow year but when you add it all up I guess we've done some stuff :)

  2. Wow, you really crushed those Q3 goals! I'm inspired by your dedication

    1. Less crushing, more squeaking by lol, but we'll try and do better for Q4!

  3. That's a great set of goals and highly achievable!! Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I don't know about highly achievable but we're going to try!