Friday 30 June 2017

2017 Q2 Review and Q3 Goals

Q1 Review and Q2 Goals

First off, how is 2017 already half over already??? Craziness!

2017 Q2 Goal Review

1. Ride in at least two clinics/lessons
Success! - I had a total of 8 hunter/jumper lessons in April and May, a clinic with Sandra May 13-14, and a simulator lesson June 2nd, so I'd say this goal was a resounding success.  

2. Organize a dressage show
Success! - It was a lot of work, but it happened and it was even successful :-) 

3. Get up to the "good training test patterns" step of the progression plan (with all previous steps completed)
Semi-success - We did get "good training test patterns" checked off, but still working on a couple of previous steps. Full summary in my Progression Plan - June Update post. 

4. Compete at training level in a show or test day and feel like we are worthy of the level
Success! - We competed at training level at the Chinook Country Bronze Dressage Show, scored up to 64%, had scores solidly in the middle of the combined field of Open/AA/JR riders, and came away with AA Reserve Champion at the level!

5. Do regular test riding
Success! - We practiced test components and full tests much more than I've ever done before, and I think it really paid off at our show. 

6. Get saddle fitting done
Success! - I had a saddle fitting done and my current set up doesn't require any changes! 

7. Spend time on ground work
Success! - I made some breakthroughs in ground work with my Boss Mare Swagger. I still need to figure out how to be more effective in certain situations, but we have spent time on it and improved. 

8. Relax and enjoy my horse
Success! - I've had some fun trail rides this quarter, but also even our focused dressage rides are becoming more enjoyable now that the pieces are coming together. 

I am seriously blown away by how well this quarter has gone! The slow work on basics over the winter is really paying off and things are coming together. Now I need to find the right balance between shooting for new goals but not pushing too hard or fast. With that in mind, I am making the following goals, but I'm going to continually re-assess and slow down if anything starts to go south. 

2017 Q3 Goals

1. Ride in at least three clinics/lessons
I'm already signed up to ride in clinics with Robin Hahn and Elaine in July, I need to find something else for August or September

2. Earn an ADA Horse & Rider Recognition Award
This award requires scores of 63% or more at training level at three different Wildrose or Bronze shows. I got my first score at the Chinook Country Bronze Show so now I need two more. This is a bit of a stretch goal because there are a very limited number of eligible shows and sometimes life happens, but it's a good goal nonetheless. This goal essentially encompasses multiple sub-goals: compete in at least two more shows, do good training level tests in front of a judge, score above 63%. 

3. Confirm canter transitions
They are currently the best they have ever been, but I need to keep working on them and solidify them instead of losing the progress I have made. 

4. Do regular test riding
This helps us so I need to keep doing it.

5. Start working on First Level movements
Not willing to touch the canter loop yet, but we should be able to work on leg yields, lengthenings, and smaller circles. 

6. Ride in the Cypress Hills
This is a beautiful provincial park that is equestrian friendly (and less intense than the mountains). I've been meaning to go riding there for quite a while now so I want to make it happen this summer.