Tuesday 20 June 2017

Local Dressage Show Media!

So, before I post about my most recent show, here is some media from my last show!

(Recap post from show)

To review, I rode Walk Trot Test B and Training Test 2, both Hors Concours. My scores were 58% and 57%, and these were not great tests, with much tension from both Kachina and I. Despite it being a less than stellar performance, I wanted to buy photos both to support the show photographer, and because I wanted something to remember the first show that I organized.

All photos by The Buckin' Photographer, she more normally does rodeo photos but she did a great job capturing some nice moments at the dressage show.

Please excuse the hair, ain't no way I could run the show, ride in it, AND braid haha. Also I made a stupid mistake with my own hair, I was putting it up in a two step process that was different from usual, and I totally forgot to do step number two before sticking my helmet on!

Trotting up center-line to start my first test
(with my best "fake it 'til you make it" grin)

First halt - nice and square, unfortunately nowhere near X
(this was after she ran backwards and sideways off center-line)

I love the look of her power and tail in this one, though I need to fix my hands and her neck

Getting some bend, which we couldn't do this time last year

Actually looking up and where we need to go

One of my favorite photos from the day

"We survived!" pats after the first test

I like this head shot, a soft eye is much harder to capture
with Kachina's blue eyes, but I think this photo nails it

This was during my warm up lap right before my second test,
my smile is huge because I know we rocked the warm-up and
Kachina was going super well, if only I could've held it together
once the bell rang =P

I needed one canter photo, this was the best one there was. Canter is hard y'all

Medium walk
My homemade dressage letters visible in background
(duct tape on pylons for the win)

Free walk


  1. There's a lot to like in all of those photos. I can totally relate to the shorter neck thing- I have a grip on carmen sometimes too because she's tense. It's one of my goals to 'let go'. :) But I love those trot photos and how happy you both look. She's a lovely horse and looks great doing dressage. you seem to be well matched with her too.

    1. So much yes! I really need to learn to let go and push forward instead of pulling back. It's hard mentally though, especially since Kachina can retract her neck so quickly when she gets tense. A continuous work in progress!

      Thank you for your kind words, this show wasn't our finest moment but I feel like our partnership is really starting to come together in general.

  2. There was obviously a lot to like in your tests if your photos are any indication :)

    1. Thanks, there were certainly some good moments, but these images were cherry-picked out of other photos where I'm leaning or bracing, Kachina's mouth is open, or her head is tilted.

  3. Kachina is SUCH a flashy horse and she's a powerful mover!

    1. I've been getting told that a lot lately! Kachina's movement just looks and feels normal to me at this point, but I guess she can show better gaits than I give her credit for

  4. aw you guys look great - love all the big smiles and soft eyes too!!