Thursday, 11 May 2017

Sectional Saddle

Who knew that sectional fit could be as complicated and expensive saddle fit? 😂

A couple weeks ago my SO and I ordered a sectional for our house. There is a full foot difference between my height and his height so finding furniture that feels comfortable for us both is a challenge. I was amazed when we found an affordable option that both of us liked AND that would fit in our family room (though we had to rearrange almost every other piece of furniture to do it). I liken it to finding a saddle under budget that fits the horse and two very different riders.

The sectional arrived this week. Unfortunately, we had missed out on one important component of sectional fit: hallway fit. The first half came in fine, but the second half was a few inches longer. We got it through the doorframe (after removing the door), down the stairs, and then had to stop. We tried maneuvering it every way imaginable but it was just simply too big to turn the corner between the hallway and the room it needed to go in. It has been in the hallway for two days while we tried to think of every conceivable option, but the furniture store is retrieving it today. I've certainly never had this problem with a saddle!

Exhibit A
(and no, we cannot just stand it up, it's taller than the ceiling)

In other news: Last weekend I was in Saskatchewan for a family reunion thing. This weekend I am organizing and riding in another clinic with Sandra. Next weekend is the dressage show I am organizing. In between all of that, I have to go to dragonboat practices (the season started this month), deal with the fact that my car needs a new compressor (thank god for extended warranty), come up with a replacement for the sectional, oh and also juggle that pesky little thing called my full time job. Stress levels are high and time is short. Unfortunately I haven't been doing as much riding as I would like. I am really excited for the clinic and the show, and a lot of my busyness is a good kind of busy, but I still might need a mental breakdown or some heavy alcohol to get me through until the end of the month.

How's your May going? Have you encountered anything that was harder to fit than a saddle?


  1. Dang, that really sucks about the sectional!! :-(

  2. Oh man! We ordered a sectional and I had done a scale drawing of our living room and then measure furniture to ensure the fit (we have a small house). The issue was for the middle corner piece- fortunately we found a door to get it through but was not easy!

    I hear you on the busyness. You will make it through and be proud of yourself in the process!

  3. That's super unfortunate about your sectional, I probably would have run into a similar issue of not accounting for getting it in.

  4. Ugh - too bad about the sectional! May has been weird so far... Yeah I'm definitely having saddle fit issues, mostly than I dont' have one for Mystic and Apollo right now :(