Thursday, 1 September 2016

Mail Week

I was trying to cut down on my spending on horse related stuff... then I bought a saddle, and then as if that wasn't enough, I totally fell off the wagon and acquired several more things...

I had a fantastic mail day earlier this week, with a box from Total Saddle Fit and Apple Saddlery coming on the same day! (slightly less awesome, I had to pay extra duties on my Total Saddle Fit package - take note Canadian friends) Last week I got a parcel from Ogilvy, and my tracking number from EDA Designs says that their delivery should be in my hands shortly!

The best kind of mail

Here's what I got:

Total Saddle Fit

1. Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Stretchtec Girth - 28"
- My new saddle requires an offset girth to stop it sliding onto Kachina's shoulder, I also needed a smaller girth length, and I wanted elastic because Kachina has been getting more girthy. All of this added up to a whole lot of justification for a new girth. This was the priciest item I bought by far, but I'm hoping it fits what we need.

How many people get this wrong that they need to put it so prominently?

2. Total Saddle Fit Hat
- Bonus free item - yay!

Apple Saddlery

3. Horseware Mio Fixed Neck Fly Sheet - 72"
- The insects were pretty good for most of the summer, but in the last couple weeks the mosquitoes have gotten insane. Case in point: On one short ride, that wasn't even at dawn or dusk, I got 18 bites through clothing even though I was wearing deet. I just can't keep up with enough fly spray applications on Kachina, especially with frequent storms to wash it off. I decided to go the fly sheet route instead. Here's hoping it doesn't get destroyed too quickly. Really it only needs to last a couple months here before it gets too cold.
- Also, yes, my horse is tiny and only takes a size 70-72" blanket, luckily those are frequently the sizes on sale when all the normal sizes sell out! That was the situation in this case. It seems the short blankets are still designed for horses with very long necks though!

The key to the perfect flysheet model shot:
darkness (boo for shorter days!), glowing eyes, and a donkey cameo obviously!

4. Horseware Rambo Plus Flymask - Cob Size
- I already had one of these in horse size, but the velcro is on it's tightest and Kachina still gets out of it every time. Hoping a cob size will stay on better. This is partly for mosquito protection and partially for sun protection.
- Turns out that horse size is too big, but cob size is slightly too small, darn you Kachina and your awkward head!

It fits, barely, we'll see if it'll work
Also, fyi, Kachina doesn't have a giant neck tumour,
the flysheet neck is just too long and bunches up

5. Lexol Sponges
- These are my go-to sponges for tack cleaning, my old ones are getting ratty so figured I would throw a couple more in the cart.

6. Stubben Hamanol
- My unicorn is the newest and nicest saddle I've ever owned. I want to do right in caring for it, so I got the manufacturer's recommended oil/conditioner.

7. Horze Bamboo Socks
- I only have a couple pairs of boot height socks and I find them tight and uncomfortable. Figured these were worth a try.

The whole Apple Saddlery haul


8. Ogilvy Dressage Baby Pad in green and silver
- My parents bought this for me for my birthday last month but it just came in! I had an unhealthy obsession searching for a nice coloured dressage pad. I'm picky about pad fabric and fit, but all the white, grey and black options were too boring and don't look good on my horse if she's not perfectly clean (which is almost never). Green is our colour, and it matches my Ogilvy half pad, so yay. I've ridden in it a couple times and really like it so far, but no photos yet, sorry.

EDA Designs

9. EDA Designs Custom Fly Bonnet
- This was my prize for losing the worst in EventingSaddlebred's Olympic Contest! EventingSaddlebred was great about coming up with an alternative prize that worked better on this side of the border. I haven't quite gotten my hands on this yet, so I'll include photos and more info when I actually get the package, but it's so close to being mine that I decided it should still be included in this list.

That's a long list, but luckily I didn't have to pay for 3 of the items, and the rest I think were pretty justified purchases. I still need to lock away my wallet for a while to save it from more losses though =-P


  1. I have been eyeing the baby pads and I would love to hear more! Plus photos because it sounds pretty. :)

    1. Photo shoots are in the plans! Both to show off pretty new saddle pad/fly bonnet (thanks!)/saddle/girth, and to get some updated conformation shots =)

  2. If you decided that the fly mask is too small in the long term and you want to sell it let me know. Dee's is finally giving up (after 2 years of hard use).

    1. Good to know, I will keep that in mind for sure (assuming that Kachina doesn't ditch it at the far corner of the 120+ acre field where I may never find it =-P)

  3. Wow, your postal worker has been busy! Horse stuff in the mail is the best.

    1. I was scared for a bit there that the postal workers would go on strike while all my packages were enroute, luckily that was not the case though

  4. yay! I love coming home to packages. I need to love it a lot less.

  5. Woohoo, I love getting happy mail. You can buy TSF girths from Donna of precision saddle fitting too, and sometimes she has sales on old stock. Just for future reference :)

    1. Ah, I didn't know that! Thanks for letting me know