Thursday 21 January 2016

2016 Tentative Horse Event Schedule

First off, I think this should go without saying for anyone who knows anything about horses, but this plan is tentative. Entirely subject to change based on how we're progressing through the year and if we have to deal with any unexpected injuries etc. (fingers crossed we don't).

You'll see that most of this list is made up of shows. I want to attend as many clinics as possible this year as well since I don't have a regular instructor to ride with but the shows put their dates up much farther in advance so we'll plan out clinics as they get announced. I've asked to be put on clinic mailing lists for a few dressage barns in the province so we'll see what comes up.

Jan 29-31 - Simulator Clinic - Airdre, Alberta
(Not with Kachina) Three 60min sessions on a dressage simulator being coached on my position by a Grand Prix rider/trainer

Feb 28 - Cowboy Challenge Clinic - Cluny, Alberta
Mounted and un-mounted clinic teaching horsemanship and working on obstacles. Hoping to increase Kachina’s confidence in new environments before show season.

Mar 12-13 - Carrots and Cocktails I - Calgary, Alberta
Unrated dressage show

Apr 16-17 - Carrots and Cocktails II - Calgary, Alberta
Unrated dressage show

Apr 21-24 - Mane Event - Red Deer, Alberta
(Not with Kachina) Huge horse expo over 4 days, going to watch demos and spend too much money

May 7-8 - Carrots and Cocktails III - Calgary, Alberta
Unrated dressage show

May 21-22 - Pinto Spring Show - Olds, Alberta
No dressage, but tons of other classes and Kachina is a pinto so want to try it out at least once. Dates only based on last year

Jun 3-5 - Calgary Area Gold & CDI Dressage Show - Calgary, Alberta
(not with Kachina) Will go to scribe, watch, and help out my friend who is competing

Jun 11-12 - Chinook Area Bronze Dressage Show - Claresholm, Alberta
This is the first rated show I’m shooting for this season so I’m hoping we have it together for a solid training performance

Jun 25-26 - Taber Horse Show - Taber, Alberta
Unrated show with both dressage and rail classes

Jul 1-2 - Swift Current Horse Show - Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Unrated show with both dressage and rail classes

Jul 9-10 - Give it a Go Bronze /Gold Dressage Show - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
This is a bit farther than I’d normally go for a show but Brenda Minor (FEI 4* judge) is judging so interested in being able to get that level of feedback in a bronze show

Jul 22-24 - Medicine Hat Horse Show - Medicine Hat, Alberta
Unrated show with both dressage and rail classes

Aug 6-7 - West Calgary Bronze Dressage Show - Cochrane, Alberta
This is the peak of my season. It’s a well-run show in a beautiful facility. I really wanted to go last year but Kachina came up lame right before it so I had to scratch. If I can only do well at one show this year, I want this to be the one.

Aug 6-8 - Arthur Kottas Clinic - Calgary, Alberta
(Not with Kachina) May go to audit depending on how my ride times work out at the Cochrane show

Aug 13-14 - Edmonton Area Sparkle and Spurs Gold Show - Edmonton, Alberta
Go only if getting really good scores

Aug 27-28 - Saskatchewan Dressage Provincials - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Ride only if getting really good scores

Sept 4-7 - Calgary Area Gold & Provincials Dressage Show - Calgary, Alberta
Either scribing or riding depending on how the summer goes. Ride only if getting really good scores.

Sept 10 - Alberta Wish Ride - Cypress Hills, Alberta
A guided trail ride for charity through the beautiful Cypress Hills

This looks like a lot but I'm pretty happy with how it's shaping up. I have a few shows and events early on where we can just go for exposure and figuring out what we need to do for shows in terms of warm-ups etc. Then in the summer I have three solid bronze shows (Claresholm, Saskatoon and Cochrane) to aim for and figure out how we're doing at training level. If the season is going great by then, we'll upgrade to Gold and do a few more shows, and if it's not we'll turn down the stress and I'll just go to watch and scribe and learn for next season.

Other than the three bronze shows, if good clinics come up on show weekends, I may well choose the clinics over the shows. I want this to be a good learning year and I can't afford to be out of town every weekend. 

Interesting note: As it stands now, the above schedule would mean 10,996km of driving! (6833 miles). That's more than driving across all of Canada from coast to coast! At least not all of it will require hauling a horse.

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