Monday 25 January 2016

2016 Goals

I know I'm late to the party in terms of posting goals for the year. I did actually write down all of these goals at the beginning of January but just getting around to posting them now.

2016 Horse-Related Goals

  1. Participate in at least 8 horse shows or clinics
    • We need exposure to going new places so it's no big deal. If you look at my event plan for 2016, I have 12 events I'm planning to bring Kachina to, so even if we can't make all of them we should reach this goal
  2. Achieve at least 62% on a training level dressage test
    • I've waffled back and forth about what number to put here. Ideally I'd like high 60s but I recognize that show environments can cause extra tension and so I think 62% is a more reasonable goal. This means I'd like to do be able to do 70% quality work at home. 
  3. Be schooling all of 1st level
    • By the end of the year I want to be schooling all of the movements so we can put it together and show First Level next year
  4. Ride 100 times or more in 2016
    • I generally ride 2-3 times/week but it's amazing how a few weeks of bad weather, lameness, etc. can bring the average for the year down so much. I need saddle time if I want to make progress on the other goals.
  5. Go to the barn 150 times or more in 2016
    • Sometimes it is legitimately too cold to ride, but I can still get my butt out to the barn to do ground work etc.
  6. Get to the point where I would be comfortable cantering every ride, anywhere
    • Our canter has come so so far in the last year, but I'm still at the point where I will decide to not canter some days because she's tense, something new is going on, I haven't ridden in a while, etc. The excuses need to stop. We can canter.
  7. Teach Kachina to consistently ground tie or stand tied at home
  8. A good ground-tying day - not always like this
    • This has been a long term goal of ours. Sometimes it's two steps forward and then two steps back. I've started using clicker training as a new approach, I'll do a separate post on that soon. 
  9. Have Kachina consistently stand still for grooming/saddling/bridling/mounting
    • Consistently is the key word here
  10. Trail ride somewhere other than home
    • One of the reasons I love my barn is because of the miles of open fields and the tractor trail that we can ride on out the front gate. I really want to haul out to try trail riding on some different terrain though. I have a couple things in the works for this. 

      Our normal tractor trail - love this...

      ...but could also do some more of this

  11. Be able to complete a trail class or cowboy challenge type course
    • I believe in teaching horses versatility. I think this will help us learn skills and confidence that will help us for showing etc. 

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