Tuesday 15 June 2021

Platinum Performance for Everyone!

First, this is not a sponsored post in the slightest, just kind of the way things worked out. I now have two animals on Platinum Performance! 

Naia is an easy keeper, she is the first horse I have had where I have had to watch that she doesn't get too fat, so she definitely doesn't need much in the way of extra groceries. However, I do also want to make sure that she is getting all the micronutrients she needs to keep all parts of her healthy. I do have a bucket of Hoffman's Mineral, which I like the concept of, but it provides salt as well as mineral, so some horses (including Naia) don't like to eat it straight. I have bought plain beet pulp before to top dress it over, but that's a bit more of a pain, still not super palatable, and gives Naia more calories than she needs, so I really haven't been feeding it much. I have read several glowing reviews of Platinum Performance so the other day after I noticed that Naia's coat was feeling a little rough, I went as far as looking up PP on the interwebs. It seemed like a good option but I wanted to find a local supplier so I put that on the future to do list and left it there. 

Not exactly in poor condition, but still like to cover my bases

In a parallel storyline, my dog Aegir has been having some issues with reoccurring diarrhea over the past few months. At various times we thought we had figured out the cause or the treatment but every time it comes back things get more unclear. After 4 visits with my normal dog vet, I started bringing him to my horse vet (she also does some small animals), first because she had an endoscope and I wanted to check inside his stomach, and then because she was giving me less wishy washy answers than the dog vet. 

Aegir lying on the couch with me on a sicker day (he always likes couch cuddles but even more doesn't want to leave my side when not feeling great)

On Friday I took Aegir to the horse vet for another appointment. While I was in the waiting room, I noticed that there were a few Platinum Performance products on the shelves, but I didn't see the standard recipe. I figured I would ask about it after my appt. 

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day so I gave Aegir a treat of a walk along a prairie road allowance after vet appt, instead of our normal neighborhood walk, he thoroughly enjoyed diving nose first into gopher holes and badger holes

I then went in to see the vet with my pup. She listened to his symptoms since his last visit. If things don't improve we will probably have to get a referral to an internalist up in Calgary. She did however suggest one product that could be used to help relieve the diarrhea symptoms during one of his acute phases, a clay product that she said was developed for foals but that she has used with success with dogs and cats as well. At the end of the appointment she went to grab the aforementioned clay product and surprise surprise, it was Platinum Performance Bio-Sponge (disclaimer: don't use this on your dogs without vet prescription and directions). 

The vet did end up having one bucket of the standard Platinum Performance supplement as well so that's how I ended up with PP for everyone! 


  1. Aegir is delightful! I hope this is the end of his diarrhea struggles. What breed (or mix thereof) is he?
    Also, I only know Calgary exists from watching "Heartland", so I'm tickled pink every time you mention it lol

    1. Thanks, Aegir is half Newfoundland, and half unknown, though we suspect Golden Retriever.

      I'm tickled every time a place I know is mentioned or shown on Heartland lol. One of Georgie's shows was filmed at a venue that I have been to many times which was pretty cool.