Friday 28 May 2021

Small Milestones: Grown Up Bridle

 In addition to our first dressage test, we had another milestone this weekend as well!

Up to this point I have bridled Naia over her rope halter, both to keep her in control while bridling, and so that I can more seamlessly switch between ground work with halter and riding. It has also been a security feature where I know that if my ride gets hairy I can hop off and clip a lunge line on the halter to work through whatever (we don't lunge off a bridle yet).

In order to make the bridle and halter fit together less awkwardly, I have kept the noseband completely off my bridle. However, as what would be show season begins, I wanted to start her wearing a bridle normally so that we won't get disqualified if we do try baby classes at a show.

After multiple calm rides and good progress with bridling I finally bridled her up without the halter and reinstalled my noseband. She looks pretty grown up now! 


  1. aw she does look very grown up!

  2. Yay! She looks beautiful in her bridle. I feel like losing the halter a seriously underrated moment. It took me months to not have a 'just in case' rope halter under my bridle with Sophie :)

    1. Definitely a milestone! The halter is nice as backup but definitely a bit of a pain to have everything lie nicely

  3. These little milestones make one's heart so happy!