Thursday 17 May 2018

My Show 2018

I did a lot of posts about the local dressage show I organized in 2017, so I figured I should update you on what it's looking like for 2018.

First things first, it is happening! This weekend!

Ring set up from last year - we have a fancier, more complete dressage fence this year, hopefully...

I'm excited to announce that we have 19 entries! Okay, admittedly that is a tiny number, but we only had 11 entries last year so it's actually a huge increase. Our entries also span a wider range of levels, all divisions from Walk/Trot to Third Level, and Western Dressage Basic to Level 2 are included. We topped out at First Level last year so this was another thing I was stoked to see.

Despite the increase in entries, people are clearly penny-pinching this year and so most people are choosing to ride fewer tests and many are coming only for one day of the two day show. This means that the total number of tests entered this year is actually slightly fewer than last year. This in turn means that while the show has enough people to run, it's borderline, and financial margins are tight again. I did briefly consider cancelling the show but I think the new entries are a positive sign that this show is helping to grow the sport of dressage in this area. That was always my goal so I am going to follow through, make it happen, and make it the best show it can be.

The best show needs pretty ribbons, these are from last year, picking up the new ones today!

A big change this year is that I tried to incorporate a clinic component, by using the holiday Monday of the long weekend as a post-show clinic with the judge. I actually thought this was an awesome idea that people would be crazy not to take advantage of. Well apparently people are crazy because this was a huge flop. I reformatted things to make it more affordable and on Sunday evening instead, but there are still only 2 people participating (and 1 of them is me!). I'm not sure why more people aren't interested but I need to go with the flow and follow the will of the masses I guess.

I am not showing myself this year. It was way too stressful last year. I am looking forward to taking a lesson with the judge though and hearing what she thinks of our changes since last year.

There were definitely things to fix, but I still like this photo
Unfortunately no showing means no professional pictures of us this time :(
(my clinic lesson is in different location)

I know our canter has improved since this time last year!

Organizing a show in its second year is only about a tenth the work of organizing it for its inaugural year. That doesn't mean it doesn't take lots of hours, just last year was lots and lots and lots of hours! It was so nice to just update the Prizelist as opposed to creating one from scratch, and I didn't have to research venues, ribbon suppliers, insurance, sanctioning etc because for the most part I just did what I did last year. Another thing that is awesome is that the facility we are showing at is further along in its development now so we have water, lights, a sound system, and also a real office with electricity! The power is a game-changer because last year I had to do absolutely everything on paper and this year I can set up a laptop and printer for scoring etc. 

All my neat piles of hard copies last year

The weather is looking great again so fingers crossed that I can make year 2 a good one!


  1. Good luck with your show in year 2! 🙂

  2. Yay that's awesome to get almost double your entries of last year! Your ribbons are very beautiful!

  3. Good luck! I can’t imagine the amount of work to put on a show. I’m glad more people are coming

  4. Congratulations on pushing forward. I always wonder why people don't want to ride with the judge either. Maybe it's a money thing. I don't know.