Monday 19 March 2018

2018 Event/Show Plan

It's that time of year again! It's not getting warmer yet but the days are getting longer and shedding season has begun so time to start planning show season!

Here is my tentative plan of shows and other equestrian events I want to hit this year. If any of you are in the area let me know! Bold events are the ones Kachina will be coming to as well, non-bold are unmounted (for me at least).

CC/ADA Lethbridge Dressage Show I
April 14
AEF Wild Rose 
Lethbridge, AB
One day dressage show - this is a little soon for comfort so I haven't quite decided if I am entering yet, but I'd like to support the show and it's super affordable so if hauling weather looks decent I will use it to knock the dust off and show Training Level

CC/ADA Cypress & Medicine Hat Dressage Show
May 19-21
AEF Wild Rose
Dunmore, AB
This is the show I am organizing so I will most definitely be there. I would love more people to come to this show (wink wink, nudge, nudge). This year we are doing a 3-day format, show on Sat/Sun, and clinic with judge on holiday Monday. I will leave my horse at home for Sat/Sun so I can run the show, but then I plan to participate in the clinic myself.

Pre-show organization from 2017

Box of ribbons! but none for me

CC/ADA Summer Dressage Show
June 16-17
EC Bronze Dressage Show
Claresholm, AB
I am planning to enter two Training Level classes each day plus one First Level class each day. This may be my debut of First Level and will be with feedback in mind more than wanting to be competitive.

Last year's show in Claresholm went well for us so here's hoping for a repeat

Battle River Ride for Stars
July 13-15
Charity Trail Ride
Brownfield, AB
I loved trail riding with Kachina in Writing on Stone park and the Cypress Hills, this seems like a great opportunity to explore the dramatic Battle River valley with her, and blogger friends! (Peace & Carrots)

Medicine Hat All Breed Show
July 20
Open Show
Medicine Hat, AB
This show is actually July 20-22 but dressage day is on Friday and so I will likely go for the one day and then go up for Event #6 on Saturday. I want to compete here but they had a really bad warmup situation last year so I will find out about that before entering

Masterclass with Charlotte Dujardin
July 21
Calgary, AB
Auditor tickets are purchased! This should be a good event and I know lots of other people going which makes it even better!

Cochrane Dressage Show
Aug 4-5
EC Bronze Dressage Show
Cochrane, AB
I have wanted to compete at this show for 4 years but haven't succeeded yet, here's hoping for better luck in 2018! I really want to try and have acceptable First Level tests by this point in the show season. 

Dressage Judge's Clinic
Aug 24-26
Judging Clinic
Calgary, AB
I eventually want to pursue becoming a recognized dressage judge. It's a long process with several requirements but this is one step along the way. Even if I have to retake the clinic again once I have my recognized test scores etc. I am still super excited to learn about dressage from the judge's perspective. I think it will make me have a better eye and be a better rider. I am already registered for this!

Cypress Hills Wish Ride
Aug 8
Charity Trail Ride
Cypress Hills, SK
I did this last year and want to do it again, hopefully with less drought/smoke this time.

CC/ADA Lethbridge Dressage Show II
Sept 14?
Details TBA
This will likely be the last show of the season so a final chance to accomplish any goals I missed out on in previous shows. 

Looks like a good year to me!


  1. So organized! I can't even commit to something a month away, let alone plan my whole year.

  2. sounds like lots of excellent plans! i love all the variety too!

  3. It sounds like a great plan. There's a lot of fun in your future!

  4. When I first volunteered at the local H/J circuit I was so tempted to make off with the ribbons (I didn't I'm not that mean haha) but I did LOVE organizing them for classes and then hanging the Champion ones up nice and pretty for everyone to ooogle! Looks like a great set of plans to execute this year!