Wednesday 28 February 2018


Considering its the last day of a month where I have been terrible at blogging, here is a summary of my February:

Temperatures: -37C to 3C
There were only 2 days above freezing and most days had significant wind chills as well.
Yesterday was my warmest ride all month, I actually got to wear my real riding boots instead of my winter clunkers, but it was still cold enough that my phone battery died halfway through videoing my lesson.

Snowfall: 23cm
Adding to the snow from January and with drifts significantly deeper (which is why I gape with astonishment at all blog pictures showing outside riding)

Riding Lessons: 7
This was the month that Elaine was here for extended training (well technically Jan 26-Feb 27). I was scheduled for 8 lessons, 2 got cancelled due to extreme cold but I was able to squeeze in one extra at the end. I will post about these in more detail plus I actually have some media!

Days Out of the Country: 10
I haven't talked about this because it was a trip of mixed emotions and I didn't know what to say. Months ago 2 friends and I planned a 5 day trip to go and see a mutual friend of ours who is living in London, England. However, a week before the London trip, my aunt who lives in Ireland suddenly and unexpectedly died. I made a last minute change to my flight to get to Dublin and be with my family and be there for the funeral, but afterwards I still got myself to London to meet up with my friends. I'm grateful I was able to be in both places, but the juxtaposition of family and friends, happy and sad, Dublin and London, put me in a weird place that I'm still trying to sort through.

New Bosses: 1
My department at work is supposed to be 4 people (including supervisor). Between August and December we had one person quit and two people go on medical leave, leaving just myself. A new head of the department was finally hired which is probably (hopefully?) a good thing, but it's been an adjustment and is adding complications to an already busy time at work.

Here's hoping for a warmer and less complicated March!


  1. Sounds like you had a lot on your plate in February! Hopefully March will be warmer and easier on you in the work department 🙂

  2. The weather in February was insane... can it just be summer already?!
    I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt's passing <3

    1. Thanks, I am grateful I got to spend some good time with her in the last year while she was alive.
      I am with you about summer!!

  3. It's been so cold in Alberta this year! I can't wait for it to warm up - and by warm up I mean hit 0 degrees! I have so little desire to ride at night because it takes me hours to warm up again.

    1. 0 feels so nice right now (as long as the wind isn't killer)
      I definitely feel you on the hours to warm up again, I keep a blanket on the couch for when I get home and I bribe my cats to sit on my lap to help warm me up (it's always my upper legs that get the most cold in riding clothes)

  4. Ugh doing 3 other people's job sucks