Monday 17 July 2017

2017 Mid-Year Goal Review

I like my quarterly goals because I feel like 3 months is a meaningful amount of time to work on something when it comes to horses, long enough to see real improvement but short enough to keep focus (see last quarterly goal post here). I made year long goals for 2017 too though, and I think this is a good time to check in on them and see how they are going.

Red - Not on track, need to step it up if I want to succeed by year end.
Orange - On track or continuous, work has been done but need to keep going
Blue - Completed already

2017 Goals

  1. Keep Kachina happy and healthy - So far, so good, but this can't be checked off until the end of the year and I will keep analyzing to make sure Kachina doesn't need any changes
    • Stretch: build good topline and muscles - Kachina condition isn't bad by any means, but I haven't seen measurable improvement since January. I am working with some supplements now though so we'll see if that helps. Also need to keep encouraging her to lift her back and use her topline during our rides. 
  2. Be able to do a good (good by my definition) training level test pattern - Success! Chinook Country Show
    • Stretch: do a good training level test actually at a show in front of a judge - Success! Chinook Country Show
  3. Start First Level work - Our basics have improved to support the harder work and we've just re-introduced lateral work and trot lengthenings
    • Stretch: be able to do all components of First Level Test 1 and 2 - I think this goal is still achievable but it's going to take work
  4. Get at least six lessons/clinics - I've already blown this one out of the water! So far this year I have had: 1 saddle seat lesson, 2 lessons with D, 2 clinics (4 lessons) with Sandra, 8 hunter/jumper lessons, 1 simulator lesson, 1 clinic (3 lessons) with Robin, and 1 clinic (2 lessons) with Elaine. I'm already signed up for 2 more clinics for sure, plus another couple options on the horizon.
    • Stretch: host and participate in 6 clinics with Sandra in this area and go to additional clinics/lessons too - Unfortunately Sandra's schedule does not allow for this to happen, but I think I've successfully filled the gap with other clinicians, see above (it's also nice that I don't have to organize them all myself!)
  5. Compete in at least one show - Success! Chinook Country Show. Also kind of my own show depending on your definition of "compete". I have 2-3 more shows on my calendar for this year.  
    • Stretch: Get above 65% at a show - We were only 1% away from this at Chinook but that doesn't make it an easy goal to achieve, I'm going to try though.
    • Stretch: Earn a ribbon - Success! Two fancy division ribbons!
  6. Trail ride somewhere new - Not yet, but I am signed up for a trail ride in the Cypress Hills in September
    • Stretch: do a full out gallop somewhere - I still want to do this, but it depends on suitable footing in the field plus me finding some extra brave
  7. Improve my position - It has improved, but it can certainly improve more
    • Stretch: be comfortable bareback or without stirrups at walk/trot/canter - haha, um this is why I needed to review these goals, I have made zero steps towards this one, so we'll see. I do plan on attempting 2-pointober and no-stirrup november though. 
    • Stretch: get to a healthy weight and fitness - sigh, I wish, I am working on it but I'm seriously plateaued at the moment
  8. Continue to do ground work - have made some improvements, need to keep working
    • Stretch: train Kachina to stand still in any situation - this is still a stretch
  9. Do some desensitization work - I did a tiny bit, but want and need to do more
  10. Keep being involved and further develop the local dressage community - Big success! Some of the clinics listed above have been possible due to our further developed local dressage community. We have a semi-active fb group with 58 members now!
    • Stretch: host a local dressage show - Success! It happened, it went well, and it will happen again in 2018!
  11. Have fun - I've been having a lot of fun, especially lately with how well Kachina is going, but this is another continuous goal

I'm happy to see that I've made at least some progress towards all of my main goals (it's only the stretch goals that remain stretches). There's also a nice amount of blue for being only half way through the year. I'm really pleased with how 2017 is progressing, but time to refocus now on the orange and red. 

How are your 2017 goals going?


  1. Way to go! Keep up the good work 😀

  2. that's an awful lot of blue in there! and even with the red ones, still being within striking distance of so many stretch goals must feel pretty good!

  3. That's a lot of blue. You've inspired me to go look over my own goals.

  4. I think you are doing really well! I admire your dedication!